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Best of ISTE: Go-Anywhere Tablets

TEC1000-InsideWith the TechTub 1000, you can carry around 10 tablets at a time so the right classroom has the right teaching equipment. The black and green boxes measure 12.5- by 16- by 14-inches and can charge and synchronize each tablet while they are plugged in. The case itself is covered for life, while the charging electronics have a 1-year warranty. You can see them at Booth 930.


Best of ISTE: The Heat is On, Part II

Product.thermal-analysis.flirone-ios._ipad._ice._blocks.001Vernier now has a free app that can now work with the inexpensive FLIR One thermal camera add-on that makes it perfect for an elementary through high school science lab. It’s good for watching ice melt, an exothermic chemical reaction and how infrared light acts. The labs range from looking at the thermal conductivity of materials to an examination of how evaporative cooling works. See it at Booth 3300.



Best of ISTE: The Table that Projects

Feature_conen-table_320x180Epson’s BrightLink Pro family just got a lot bigger with the addition of the All-in-One Interactive Table. Basically an interactive short-throw projector aimed at a reflective tabletop, the Interactive Table lets teachers and students work the way they are most comfortable by changing the screen’s angle to the table. It can accommodate finger or pen input and everything is motorized for easy adjustments of the 50- by 67-inch work surface. Booth 3100.


Best of ISTE: Blooming New School Year

BloomzUsing Bloomz to communicate between teachers and parents may make it easy to praise an overachiever or get an underachiever back on track, but it has three new features that should be ready for the opening of the new school year. To start, the app will now have behavior tracking to send home reports of children acting up in class so no parent is ever blindsided. In addition to a timeline that can show a student’s progression of work, Bloomz will also have the ability to include videos. It’s still a freebee at booth 2659.


Best of ISTE: Wave of the Future

WaveGot a bunch of old big screen displays that aren’t interactive, but you wished they were? Touchjet’s Wave can not only retrofit them for a touch world, but add the ability to run Android apps as well. At $200, the Wave kit can work with any TV or monitor up to 65-inches and lets you use your fingers or the included stylus. The Wave not only has the system’s Light Position Unit that interprets where your fingers are but includes a videoconferencing camera and microphone that extend up and over the front of the screen.

Best of ISTE: Stop Bullying with Software

STOPit_Incident_ReportThe STOPit online platform can be an effective way to block cyberbullying because it lets the victims anonymously report threats, intimidation and sexual harassment. The platform works with phones, tablets and notebooks and lets students and teachers let the administration know about everything from inappropriate behavior to a weapons warning and attach pictures as proof.

Best of ISTE: Everyone (Really) Can Code


We keep hearing about a shortage in programmers to invent the future of software, but few companies, except for Apple, are doing anything about it. The company’s Everyone Can Code (ECC) program hopes to get kids away from game and social media screens by putting them in front of screens for creating apps. ECC starts with an overview of how vital, creative and interesting writing programs for computers can be and moves on to the Swift Playground and programming language, which uses everyday common words as action items. It provides a base to build ever-more sophisticated apps and can connect with physical items, like sensors, cameras and things like Sphero robots. It’s as easy as it looks and the free service and software will be available as a preview in July, but will formally debut in a few months. This way of teaching coding should be part of every school’s curriculum.



Best of ISTE: Touch and Go

ActivpanelWhy fuss with the setup and shadows of a projector when you can use a large panel interactive display, like the Promethean ActivPanel, instead. Available in 55- and 65-inch sizes, the next generation of ActivPanel screens will be 70- and 84-inch models. They’re good for small to large classrooms, have Android computers built in and include ClassFlow and ActivInspire software. The best part is that because the screen is touch sensitive, just like a tablet or phone, and it works just as well with a finger or the included digital pen.  See it and touch it at booth 1604.

Best of ISTE: itslearning Gets Smart

Its learningAs if the itslearning platform wasn’t good enough, the designers have gone back to the drawing board and revamped it with a new look that makes learning easier and more fluid. The interface has a sharper look that resembles an actual classroom and getting around it is simpler. Plus, so that nobody’s left out, it now includes an internal instant messaging portal for sending updates and questions back and forth. The service now works with just about any mobile device that a teacher, student or school can provide.


Best of ISTE: Instant Lessons

PivotedIn addition to Capstone’s extensive library of K-12 ebooks and digital curriculum, the company’s pivotEd now has 500 lessons for grades three-through-six. It doesn’t matter if your school uses PCs, iPads or Androids because the Capstone lessons and content can be delivered across the board. The first batch emphasizes collaborative learning with lessons like Classifying Mammals and Oceans Under Threat. Booth 1728.

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